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Pool pumps are the heart of the filtration system, for clean and healthy pools. One of the most frustrating issues any pool owner must deal with, is selecting, and maintaining their pool pump. Have no fear, we here at Swimming Pool Control will help you select the proper pool pump, maintain your pool pump, and make sure your pool pump functions exactly how you need.

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benefits of variable pool pumps

single-speed pool pump

Single speed pumps are your traditional pool pump and have been in use for decades.  Once turned on, it runs at a constant speed.  These pool pumps are the least expensive to purchase, however they are extremely noisy and inefficient.

two-speed pool pump

A Two-Speed pool pump is a variation of the single speed pool pump, in that they both use what’s known as an induction style motor.  The difference is that a two-speed pool pump has a low speed option, which is far more efficient than running the pump on high speed all the time.

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If you’re wondering when to run the pool pump on high vs low speed, most folks run two-speed pool pumps on low speed 24/7 and turn the pool pump to high when vacuuming the pool, running a heater (because it needs enough flow), or when leaves are falling and they want to blow them towards the skimmer(s). Two-speed pool pumps are more expensive to purchase than single speed pool pumps and last the same amount of time, which is typically 3-8 years.  On average, a two-speed pool pump will save about 50%-70% on energy cost compared to a one-speed pool pump.

variable speed pool pump

Variable speed pool pumps are an entirely different animal.  Unlike the inefficient induction motors used in single and two-speed pool pumps, variable speed pool pumps utilize what’s known as a permanent magnet motor.  This is the same type of motor used in electric cars, and they allow the user to “dial in” the exact flow rate they need for their pool.  Allowing them to capitalize on the golden rule of pool circulation: slower is better.  The idea is that by reducing the flow rate of water, there is less friction, which makes the entire pool pump system more efficient.

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Variable speed pool pumps are also much quieter, vibrate less, run cooler, last longer, are digitally controlled, and have advanced diagnostics.  Basically, variable speed pool pumps are the top of the line pool pumps, and most studies show that they are 90% more efficient than standard one-speed pool pumps.

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