Pool Automation Controls

Pool Automation Gives You Total Control

Put your pool on cruise control with a pool automation control systems. Pool automation control systems handle, scheduling and operating your filtration cycles, pool temperature, deck, pool and landscape lighting, sanitization, waterfall and fountain control. Pool automation system controllers and remote controls have been designed to be user friendly, with easy-to-read digital displays, and step-by-step menu driven instructions.  Control your pool automation system from your smartphone, tablet, or any web‐connected device.  Sitting poolside, relaxing in the spa, or lounging in a hammock – enjoy wireless remote control of your pool, spa, and landscape lighting.


An Efficient Technology

Pool automation control systems have seen rapid growth in recent years, both in technology and use. The technology and programming flexibility ensure equipment runs at peak efficiency for minimum energy usage and cost. Their versatile programming also allows users to run equipment during off-peak times and schedule multiple shorter cycles rather than one long cycle for further savings.

Add-ons Make Control Even Easier

Pool automation system add-ons like the ScreenLogic2® Interface for the IntelliTouch® or EasyTouch® Automation Systems give you the ultimate in streamlined control and monitoring. You’re able to access and control your pool automation system from a smartphone, tablet or computer…anywhere and anytime. Just think how amazing it would be to check and adjust pool settings from work, and come home to a perfectly prepared poolscape.

Great for the Owner on the Go

Advanced pool automation control is also great for vacation homes, or travel heavy pool owners who spend lengthy periods of time away from their pools. A simple check of your smartphone, tablet or computer can have you reviewing and updating any pool function while you’re away.Are you ready to simplify your life with automation?