Pool Chlorinators and brominators

Take some of the work out of pool maintenance with our line of pool and spa chlorinators and brominators. Our selection includes simple pool chlorine floats as well as in-line chlorine dispensers and chemical metering pumps. Or you can combine the sanitizing power of natural mineral systems with low concentrations of chlorine and have pure sparkling pool water with no more smell or itchy eyes.

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benefits of pool chlorinators

Pool chlorinators

Salt chlorine generators take automation to the next level by actually creating chlorine.  This type of system consists of a power supply and a salt cell, along with salt added to the pool water.  The cell, plumbed inline with the return pipe, contains coated metal blades which receive a low voltage current.  Salt water flows through the cell, causing electrolysis, which splits the salt and water into hydrogen and hypochlorous acid.  This acid replaces pre-packaged chlorine sanitizer.

Since salt remains in the water and does not evaporate, only minor salt adjustments are needed in cases of dilution from heavy rains or loss of water due to a high bather load and lots of splashing. The power supply display will indicate any issues with salt and chlorine levels, and also allows “super chlorination” which is the equivalent of shocking the pool.

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